Angela Parker

Hired Assistant offers outsourced personal and business services to business owners, hardworking Mums and Dads, busy working people and individuals of any age who would benefit from support with some of life’s stressful, difficult or everyday tasks.

The business was founded by Angela Parker, one of those superbly kind, organised, capable and efficient people that we all need.  Angela relishes the opportunity to reduce your paperwork, organise your systems, help you out with errands and generally enable you to lead a life as free as possible from the clutter that inhabits our offices, homes and minds.

Angela has worked in senior level sales and recruitment in key industry sectors such as legal, financial services and pharmaceutical.  She’s been at the sharp edge, having set up and managed various departments’ systems and processes completely from scratch – and with total success.  Her resilience and skills helped her to weather (and mostly ignore) two economic downturns.

Her background and skills meant that founding Hired Assistant was only a matter of time.


She has a high degree of commercial acumen and is adept in database development, diary management, market research and travel arrangements and has recruited and managed teams within large, high profile organisations.

Her re-assuring, mature approach means that she has the experience and knowledge you need to make a difference to your business and personal life.  And, she’s managed to raise a family of three children and look after a dog whilst working full time.

A Totally Flexible Service

At Hired Assistant, we know that everyone leads full lives and that finding the time to relax, spend time with important people, or simply focus on what you want and need is not always easy.

Both professionally and personally, our services will put you back in control by eliminating the mundane as much as we can.

We can establish and develop your business operations, creating systems and processes that will help you to focus on what matters:  increasing turnover and maximising profit.  Or, if you’re overwhelmed at home or a working parent, we can work to remove stress and reduce the pressures of everyday life.

Read about how we can support you personally and professionally.

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