Why Hired Assistant

Taking on Hired Assistant to manage a proportion of the mundane or time-consuming aspects of your life could be the best decision you will ever make.

  • We are the Stand-Out Choice

    Professionalism is paramount.  As our client, you need a high level of integrity, excellent standards of communication and first-class skills in written English. If we say we will deliver on time, we will.
    We can adapt our contact style to suit you, whether you need daily, weekly or ad hoc phone calls or emails.

  • Organisational Skills

    Hired Assistant’s experience and commercial expertise enables us to see the “bigger picture”; we know how to set up the right systems to streamline your business or domestic processes, saving you time and reducing the psychological and actual clutter in your life.

  • You Target The Services You Need

    We are totally flexible. Literally no job is too small or conversely, too complex. If we can help you, we will.
    Our charging structure is flexible, often with hourly rates, having agreed what you need and how you need it. A full time report will accompany your invoice, so that you can see the time breakdown.

  • Pro-Active and Resourceful

    Here at Hired Assistant, we are seriously motivated to deliver the best of the best.
    During our engagement, if we think that we could support you better by adapting what we are doing, we will suggest it. Also, we strive to develop our skills and are always learning new ways to improve what we offer. Our ability to take the initiative is your gain.

  • Highly Collaborative

    We work closely with our clients to offer the best service possible. We will never move forwards with a task or project without your prior knowledge and agreement. Working with others as part of a team is one of our strengths. We used to manage teams, so we know how best to partner with other specialists if we can’t deliver what you need to our normal high standards.

  • Down to Earth

    Our clients appreciate our friendly, sincere and honourable approach.  We have a great deal of professional and personal empathy.  You can trust us.  We may have the keys to your house or office, after all, which is a privilege we never abuse.

  • Sense of Humour

    Life is for living so our approach is never prescriptive or abrupt.  We take our business seriously but we’re not austere.  We think that you will find us easy to work with, but don’t just take our word for it.

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